Catering Service

“Tazweed” is among the few companies in Saudi Arabia that provides a complete catering services and is one of the major players in this industry. It provides services through its highly qualified & trained team working under the continuous supervision of specialists, to ensure best quality and high standard.

“Tazweed” provides catering services ranging from in-camp cafeteria to modernization of existing facilities and serves different ethnic cuisine, at the same site, with the capability to serve large number of personal.

Central Kitchen

“Tazweed” Central Kitchen tailors and customizes menus, with quality ingredients, according to the customers’ tastes and preferences .

Packed Meals

Not all business or occasions can serve buffet style catering to their guests. To ammomodate them, “Tazweed” provides packed meals which can be distributed or sold in retail stores, coffee shops, canteens, Hajj and Umrah Camps, Schools, Trip Organizers or Sports Events and many others who require this unique type of catering to suit their on-the-go nature.

Short Term Catering Projects

 “Tazweed” provides more than 300,000 meals daily during Hajj season and is looking to expand this sector during the next few years.

“Tazweed” provides more than 15,000 meals daily during Ramadan seasons, for pilgrims.

Insttitutional Catering Projects

“Tazweed” manages several kitchens for large institution to provide catering services to its staff. Such projects involve management of the kitchen, to provide meals to a group ranging between 100 to 5000 individuals.

Institutional Cafeteria Projects

“Tazweed” manages several cafeterias for medium range institutions to provide mini catering service. Such projects involve management of cafeterias to provide sandwiches, snacks, and hot or cold drinks to a group ranging between 100 to 500 people.