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“Tazweed” is specialized in Catering, Transportation, Laundry, Cleaning & Housekeeping, Utilities, Pest Control, Maintenance, Prefabricated Housing and it also provides other Customized Services to major clients.

Who we are

As a company specialized in providing high quality services we believe mainly in two basic philosophies:

  • Our clients are our partners, contracts are just a part of our commitment to our partners, therefore mutual trust and good business relationship always comes first.
  • We believe also in endless & continuous improvement.

Both of these Beliefs encourages us to provide our clients with a diversity of supporting tools & services that enables them to concentrate on their core business and on their objectives rather than wasting valuable time and valuable resources.

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Our Services

High Quality Services, Competitive Prices, Continuous Coordination, Dedicated Highly Qualified Teams (Management, Technician, Supervisors and Staff).