our mission

To contentiously develop our self's in order to provide our clients with supporting tools (diversity of wide-range supporting services) that will enable them to concentrate on their core business and on their objectives along with reducing their operational costs rather than wasting valuable resources.

By this we aim to boost the corporate industry in the GCC region and claim our proper position and reputation for doing that.

our vision

We aim to become a GCC then a worldwide reputed services provider, and we aim to develop, diverse and customize our services to meet and exceed:

  • Client’s requirements.
  • World-wide quality level and organizational excellence standard. (Health, environment, energy, safety, social and community)
  • Trustful and open relations with GCC governmental institutions and private sectors (partnership Concept).

IFCG Philosophy

As a company specialized in providing high quality services we believe mainly in two basic philosophies:

  • Our clients are our partners, contracts are just a part of our commitment to our partners, therefore mutual trust and good business relationship always comes first.
  • We believe also in endless & continuous improvement.

Both of these Beliefs encourages us to provide our clients with a diversity of supporting tools & services that enables them to concentrate on their core business and on their objectives rather than wasting valuable time and valuable resources.

IFCG Values

  • Partnership Concept (Our Core Market Value)
  • Trust and Integrity
  • Simplicity and Transparency
  • Highest Possible Quality
  • Responsibility